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When the weather is getting warmer It is time to replace my current skin care with something lighter. I always emphasize how sensitive and dry my skin is, which is why I stick to nourishing oils and rich creams all year round. In summer, however, I like to exchange my rich face cream for a fresher and lighter day moisturizer.

IUNIK is not an unknown name, But I've never really looked at their things or tried them out. IUNIK only uses EEC-containing ingredients and hypoallergenic formulations in its products, and editor Maureen (who also has sensitive skin) seemed quite happy when she checked IUNIK's serum and eye cream from the Propolis vitamin range. I chose the Beta-Glucan Power Moisture Serum and the cream, which are known for their nourishing and anti-aging effects, to see if the spring / summer alternatives could become my current make p: rem favorites .

What are beta-glucans?

Beta-glucans (beta-glucans) are polysaccharides, a more complex type of carbohydrates such as starch, cellulose and glycogens, which are found in oats, yeast, algae and various fungi. Beta-glucan is naturally rich in antioxidants and is known to block harmful UV rays. It promotes the healing and immune-boosting properties and makes it a powerful anti-aging ingredient.

What is it? An all-round serum enriched with 98% beta-glucans to soothe and replenish the moisture from the inside by charging skin barriers and at the same time achieving anti-aging effects.

My thoughts:

This serum has a clear and light consistency and, unlike many serums based on water or cream, is slightly sticky. The unusual texture may be why it is a little difficult to dispense, or maybe it is the strangely angled pipette. This limits the amount that can be squeezed out at the same time, preventing over-delivery. Despite its slightly gloopy texture, the serum is not really sticky and slides smoothly on the skin like water / oil serums. It also soaks into the skin very quickly, leaving no residue or sticky feelings.

What is it? A hyper-moisturizing daily moisturizer with 3,000 mg beta-glucan, red fruit complex, cica and aloe vera extract for additional brightening and wrinkle-improving benefits.

My thoughts:

It comes in a gel cream-like texture with a scent that is barely present. Like gel creams, the moisturizer melts gently with a moist shine, but dries like a normal cream to a soft finish. I currently only use it as a day moisturizer, mainly before applying makeup or alone.

The judgment

First, none of them responded to my sensitive skin, so that's a big plus! The Moisture serum is a pretty good daily serum, but its viscous texture doesn't really give me long-lasting moisture. I started using it in the morning and evening right after a toner. It feels really good and gives my skin a fresh, healthy glow.

The Moisturizer ensures that my skin feels hydrated all day long, even though I am in an air-conditioned office with super dry air. My make-up stays dry and looks smooth and plump at the end of the day! On days when I don't wear makeup, the moisturizing effects are even clearer and more even.

Overall, I think both products are great for summer and have the strong anti-aging and moisturizing effects that I need. It's difficult to judge how effective it is to improve and lighten aging skin, since I've only been using it for two weeks. However, I haven't noticed any decrease in the elasticity or appearance of my skin, so I think they do a pretty good job! I definitely recommend these two products to those who prefer safe, minimalistic skin care, especially those with sensitive skin. Since both products have a relatively light and refreshing finish, they should also work well with oily or combination skin.


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