I’m Solely 5-Toes Tall and This Is What’s on My Present Want Checklist

I’m Only 5-Feet Tall and This Is What’s on My Current Wish List

Most Wanted is a weekly series in which a Who What Wear team member or a friend of the brand shares the 25 best fashion and beauty finds on their current wish list.

When I walk alongside our senior influencer manager Paulina Galoostian, I can't help but feel like a giant. And although my 5 & # 39; 9 "itself is the exact opposite of its 5 & # 39; 0" delicate frame, we have one thing in common: our love of fashion. Let me tell you, my over-chic employee knows how to choose the right pieces for their size. When I asked her how she got her amazing style, her answer was: "I come from a long line of petite, powerful women who have enabled me to trust myself, including my size. That is, I am petite I. I know what types of clothes I should wear to complement my lack of inches and express my great personality. "

Today (thanks to many years of experience in the shop and when shopping online) she shares all her top tips for women as well as all her petite styling tips. Curious about what she recommends? Scroll on.

I have more than five weddings this summer alone. Formal dresses can be difficult to find, so I always try an asymmetrical dress because I like the way they lengthen my legs.

Look into long earrings. They not only lengthen the face, but are also a fun way to equip an outfit.

Rock a shorter hem! If your legs are shorter, you can wear mini skirts and shorts without exposing too much skin.

I would say I have a very romantic style, so puffed sleeves feel very authentic to me and my personality. The bigger the train, the bigger the statement!

I love these shorts because I wear them in the evening and I can make them look both chic and formal.

Overalls are often too long for me, so I usually choose rompers. This is a great choice for a vacation or daytime event.

Speaking of which, here is another one that I love and that is perfect for day and night. My big friends always say that rompers look too short when they're wearing heels, but I've never encountered this problem.

I love this mule both for work and for the weekend. It's a casual and convenient way to increase the height.

This dress gives the illusion that I am at least 5 & 3; 3.

I've always been told that wearing shoes in my skin tone makes me look bigger, but I've found that a vinyl-transparent pump does the job even better.

Pro tip: Fill your closet with versatile crop tops to extend your torso. This choice of synthetic leather can be combined with high-waisted jeans, pants, skirts or shorts.

With pointed shoes, the feet look longer, which makes my legs look longer. These Valentino are a very comfortable choice.

The same applies to high-end apartments.

This bare wrap top is ideal for petite girls who also have larger busts.

I'm going to Miami for my birthday and these high heels are definitely coming. They're super comfortable too, especially considering that they're extremely tall.

Here's another puff sleeve top that I love. The more dramatic the shoulders, the better. Puff sleeves make me powerful.

I only own Topshop (dainty) jeans. They are the best and only jeans I have never had to line. Please DM me if you know of other brands that make jeans for petite girls because I no longer have to spend extra money on changes.

My mother sent me this dress and I was skeptical at first. Surprisingly, the cascading side wall made me look bigger. As I said, the women in my family know how to dress for our size.

An exaggerated tie at the waist of a blouse or dress adds an extra dimension to the look and creates the illusion of long lines.

I would definitely wear it as a top with high jeans.

This silhouette always flatters my body type.

Make a statement with color.

If I need an extra layer, I like to wear this short leather jacket that cuts under my chest and gives me an elongated look.

The most underrated but most important piece of clothing for petite women (and in my opinion for all women) is a good bra. The right thing is worth the investment. Do yourself a favor and get an accurate bra measurement.

Regardless of your size, a belt will help tighten your waist and add dimension to your look.

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