Gisele Bündchen US Marie Claire April 2020

US Marie Claire April 2020: Gisele Bündchen by Nino Munoz

Models are all the rage this month on American fashion glamor. Anna Wintour gave Vogue's latest a handful of the best in the industry and now Marie Claire is guessing nothing else than the firm forum favorite Gisele Bündchen for April 2020. Gisele marks Aya Kanai's first edition at the top and wears Chloe for the first cover and On the second cover (after the jump) dons Christian Dior, selected by Joseph Errico, as the supermodel poses in front of the lens of photographer Nino Muñoz in Miami .


One element in particular has ruined things for our forum members. "I love her. It's beautiful, but I hate the new layout," Caioherrero criticized.

"All I can see is the art movement that has to be stopped immediately," repeated MON.

Srdjan felt the same way: "I don't like the change from their previous looks. When I saw the title, I expected something glamorous a la their previous covers with Emily Blunt and Elle Fanning, but this just feels like a reprint from Gisele's editorial for American Vogue in July 2018. "

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"Why have I seen this before?" asked SLFC.

"Not their best coverage, but not the worst either," Benn98 admitted. "I like the composition of the picture and the fact that it's not another close-up or studio shot."

"It is of course a pleasure to see Gisele Bündchen on the cover of an American mainstream fashion magazine. She will definitely make a mental note to buy it when it comes to the kiosk, but it reflects everyone's opinion on the layout . " I hate the new font that was introduced and the layout does indeed take a lot of work, ”vogue28 agreed.

US Marie Claire April 2020: Gisele Bündchen by Nino Munoz


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