Say It With Me: Egg-in-a-Gap Is the New Bag Pattern Making It Massive

Say It With Me: Egg-in-a-Hole Is the New Bag Trend Making It Big

Here at Who What Wear we love to shape funky trend names. From croissant bags to dental floss heels, there are no limits to our name game. If you haven't guessed yet, we have one more up our sleeve. Say it to me: egg in a hole. Egg-in-a-hole bags are the new bag trend that will be big this spring and summer and will continue until autumn 2020. This new bag shape looks exactly what it sounds like – as if your bag had an egg-shaped hole in the middle. This negative area is used as a handle in all cases, but the general styles we've seen so far are very different.

Today we're going to share everything we know about this egg-in-a-hole handbag trend by listing the brands that pave the way for this new style, including Coperni, Staud, and AWAKE fashion, just around to name a few. Follow us as we guide you through this obscure new trend that we firmly believe is destined for the glory of fashion.

Coperni is one of the leading brands in this dark pocket space. His sculptural, egg-shaped handbags were seen in the street style scene throughout the fashion month, especially in the snake pattern. While this bag isn't available right now, the following spot colors are and they're just as good.

The Carolina Santo Domingo egg-shaped shoulder bags are so new that we have not yet discovered them on the arms of It girls and influencers, but this bag will surely be one of the most coveted styles of the year in no time.

A.W.A.K.E Mode bags literally look like a small egg has been slid into these swollen tote bags. Everything from the mushy texture to the mini egg shape in the middle makes it an outstanding product in the bubbly trend. We are especially happy about the zebra that will come out in autumn. So be sure to pre-order before it's too late.

Danse Lente takes this handbag trend and runs it for the coming season. This particular new style, which features both mock crock and bast, falls this fall, but we still wanted to show it to you. And if you like to pre-order products, this is the right time, because if we know trends that we think we know will be fairly common in the fall.

Ah, the Staud Moon Bag. We have loved this bag since it arrived in June 2019, but frankly we didn't know how long it would last. Given the trend surface of this handbag with egg in a hole, its bizarre shape and structure make a lot more sense, as does its longevity.

These Nanuhska bags are also only available to pre-order (sorry for the disappointments when shopping), but this is another handbag that we expect to play a big role in fall 2020. In view of the predominantly positive reactions to the presentation of the brand in Paris in the past fashion week, it can be assumed that Nanushka will be in high demand in just a few months.

Last but not least, Bottega Veneta. This bag has less of a structured egg shape than a mushy one. Women carried this shiny leather handbag in every color of the book throughout the fashion month. This newer form is an extension of the popular bag pouch with which Bottega was initially put back on the card. The impending fame of his successor is therefore out of the question.

Next, look at the insightful new trend that will conquer the fashion world. Opening picture: The Style Stalker


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