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It is a hallmark of the stoic to respond to a tragedy with only a shrug of acceptance, while possibly being filled with unconfirmed emotions. The emotionless "zombies" in the heart of the Japanese dark comedy We Are Little Zombies from 2019, four orphaned 13-year-olds who defy their inability to shed a tear over their parents' death are prime examples. Hikari, Ishi, Takemura and Ikuko, the only girl in the quartet, form an extremely successful electro punk band called Little Zombies in a quest inspired by retro players for their ability to feel again. They bring texts like "There is nothing for us! Absent! Absent! Absent! "With dead energy in explosively colorful outfits that combine street style with punk rock references.

In the first half of the film, the little zombies march around in their dark school uniforms, all starched collars, structured shapes and dark blue winter fabrics. It is an appropriate homage to their unfortunate circumstances and a great contrast to the technicolor world around them. Then viral fame comes and her wardrobe is completely reversed.

First, her characteristic stage costumes combine loose, deconstructed silhouettes, paint-splattered fabrics, and oversized accessories with a precise color scheme that ranges from pale pink to cobalt blue. Outside the stage, the boys' wardrobes are dominated by loud colors, smart patterns and hip-hop vibes, while deceptively simple outfits in milky colors form an ironic contrast to Ikuko's aspiring femme fatale features. As the film progresses to a final escapade – and catharsis – her style adjusts to the perfect balance between audacity and audacity.

(Film stills from We Are Little Zombies below)

Cathartic clothing

Based on the legendary Little Zombies stage costumes and their street style casual wear, I created two wearable alternatives that keep their original punky energy: one for men and one for girls.

1. The zombie guide for guys

The Little Zombies always have perfectly coordinated color schemes for their ensembles. They are also very theatrical and experts in mixing postmodern elements with traditional styles. That's why I chose a dramatic red-black palette for this outfit, which combines Japanese accents with street style vibes. The red graphic t-shirt contains a cryptic message that reflects one of the film's final sequences when Hikari faces a life or death decision. Combine the t-shirt with a green and purple splattered t-shirt and put on an elegant kimono jacket with minimalist crane embroidery. Go extra with jewelry – this silver-colored necklace with an evil eye, embedded in a claw pendant, is full of middle-earth vibrations. When it comes to kicks, why not choose a pair of red high-tops with a color-splashed sole to get a foothold on the road straight away? If you are looking for something that holds the look together, I suggest this red cap, which is decorated with the word "none" on the front – a reference to the resigned world view of the Stoiker.

2. The zombie guide for girls

Inspired by Ikuko's stage look, which resembles an insane duchess, I combined a fluffy, tie-dyed, short-cut top in cotton candy colors with an almond-colored mesh skirt with cascades of unusual frills. It's overly girly, but it's also full of street style energy and the mix of sweet and punk that influences much of the Little Zombie's costumes. Make yourself comfortable with this clean, simple necklace with a slim golden cross, a reserved alternative to the outrageous jewelry of the Little Zombies. Combine the dreamy undertones of the outfit with pink ruffled socks for shoes before slipping into golden cowhide flats – the practical Ikuko would probably never get stuck dead in your heels. Finally, seal the punk lolita vibe with a gold headband with rivets – it will undercut the softer elements of the outfit with a gothic edge.

Success unlocked: We are zombies, but alive!

Until the credits roll out, the Little Zombies finally wear their colorful ensembles with hard-won self-confidence as they release "We Are Zombies But Alive", a life-affirming figure that poses a direct challenge to their former stoicism. They are still hard and unsentimental, but now they can shed a tear. Success unlocked and game clarified – not least thanks to the transformative effect of punk rock and punk-worthy fashion!



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