Our Favourite Merchandise: February 2020

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Welcome to our favorite products, a monthly feature where ITG editors discuss our favorite products. They are the best things we tried, reviewed and anthropomorphized all month long before we had a chance to get fed up and do something new. This month, our favorite products are a bit slippery: you might think they are one thing, but they are proving to be another. Like a blush that is also a lipstick. Or a sunscreen that is also a primer. Since there was so much going on in February, it was nice to rationalize.

The whole idea with a lip stain is that you throw it on and your lips stay blotchy all day. But this K-Beauty tint (the collective term for Korean lip products that are not traditional lipsticks) is so cute that you want to keep it in your pocket, bag, fist, etc. just to say show and play. The show: From the fake French winery Chateau Labiotte comes a tiny wine bottle that is popular with American girl dolls from the age of 21. The saying: As soon as you unscrew the cap, you will be faced with a doe-foot applicator and a silky stain that is easy to mix and does not taste bitter or feels dry. Merlot Burgundy is the best shade, because although it looks purple-pink online, in real life it's more of a nifty, bare brick. If the packaging has not sold you, the wear and tear. – Ali Oshinsky

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Coconut oil? Yes, coconut oil. Let me finish When it comes to slapping your face, I say run to the mountains – breakout town. But your hair is not your skin and therefore a completely different story. I know that intellectually, but I got some empirical evidence a week ago when I took out my braids. I had jumbo braids that are not the hardest to unravel, but it still takes at least one episode of Love Is Blind to get through. Knots and tangles make the process even longer, but only if you don't have the right detangling equipment. I thought I had forgotten this key product, but then I remembered, "Oh yes, I have coconut oil." Rubbing a knot a bit like waving a wand over a tangled necklace: the mess is cleared up and you have a straight, unimpeded piece of hair. It smears strands like WD-40 on a stubborn keyhole. And it also requires so much. When I was done with my braids, I put a little more coconut oil in my hair and left it there for a few more hours. Then I shampooed and conditioned as usual, but my hair felt like it had been through something more, like a deeply nourishing hair mask. It was all because of the coconut oil that I had previously applied that kept my hair from drying out when shampooing and further supported my conditioner's efforts. I can't believe that I stopped? Insane, I say. – Ashley Weatherford

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My approach to eye shadow is: no problem. I choose a single shade, wipe it over my eyelids and continue with my life. The colors themselves can vary, but the technique is always the same, and the eyeshadows that I return to are the ones that I often forget are there until someone else reminds me. But I like them because they stay seated, don't wrinkle in the hood of my eyes and keep their pigment. During my time in the beauty industry, I can't say that many powder eyeshadows consistently meet all of these signs, which is why I am so impressed with Glossier's Skywash. The brick terracotta hue is one of my favorite makeup shades in all categories because it's neutral enough. For this reason, I've been a fan of Revlon's Color Riche Eyeshadow in Acro Matte for years – but it's in a crumbled state and I'm ready for an uncomplicated eye shadow. Skywash does that for me! – Give Mbagwu

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I love a multi-purpose product. Less space for my bathroom or bag. But many of them are only available in pots, and the germaphobe in me is against putting my finger in something that gets into my mouth. And then there's the issue of color payout, and I think that many multi-purpose products don't do that either. With great pleasure I tell you that Ilias Color Haze is a kind of perfect 2-in-1 find. It's not crazy expensive, the colors are pretty, and the color payout is high. It dries to a stain on my lips and the color on my cheeks looks natural and baked. I am a big fan of Before Today and Waking Up, two acts with a page of Pink. The angled metal tip of the tube makes it easier to apply and the cooling effect is fun, I think? Not sure, but the colors, man. You will love. – AW

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Wearing sunscreen under makeup (which you should!) Is difficult. If I choose one that is too calcareous, I get a gray cast. If the formula is wrong, it will start to pill as soon as I try to mix in my foundation. If I choose one that is too matte, my face will feel increasingly crepe during the day and my makep will stick to these lines. However, I am happy to inform you that the version of Dr. Loretta helped my goal of making sunscreen much easier 365 days a year. No matter what I layer with, there are no pills, no gray cast and always a hydrated finish. It is not a pure mineral sunscreen (in fact it is a chemical-mineral combination) that I get on well with. Especially when it's full of antioxidants that could potentially protect the skin from the adverse effects of living in a city like New York – lots of blue lights and lots of pollution. But let's face it, I'm using it for the goal. -ÄH

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I have a strong feeling for what a detergent should do (mostly without stripping), but there are many simple detergents that do the job, and I'm not enthusiastic about either of them. It was only three months after using the Wonder Valley oil cleaner that I realized I was giving a cleaner in my preferred treatment. The brand is better known for producing olive oil, so it makes sense that oil has been added to the detergent's ingredient list. But I'm more fixated on its mysteriously perfect texture: it comes from a pump, feels like you've mixed a shower gel 50-50 with honey, emulsified in milk when you add water, and makes my skin as smooth as one traditional oil cleaner. There is also a TON of it – as I said, I have had the bottle since December and even with regular use I have not even reached the half-time mark. If you're a foaming gel user who knows deep down that you should probably use something less abrasive, hello! This was done for you. – AU

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