10 Workout routines for a Higher Jawline

Exercises for a better jaw line

A sharp jaw is an amazing facial feature that needs to be flaunted. For those who don't have a chiseled jaw, of course, you can try these exercises now to reduce some facial fat and define features. It's not a problem to be chubby or have fat on your chin, but for those who want to reduce it, we have just the right face workout for you.

1. The easiest way to shape your face is chewing gum. Buy sugar-free chewing gum and enjoy it! It is one of the best exercises for your entire jaw. The more you chew, the harder your muscles work. Make sure you chew in a circular motion and do it once a day so your mouth really moves.

2. Kissing the nose is another popular exercise to lose some weight off your jaw. Just stick your tongue out and try to reach your nose. When you exert yourself, you feel the muscles of your face move. It is an effective exercise to reduce the double chin.

3. Look at the sky and stretch your jaw outwards. Make sure your mouth is open and your entire lower jaw is fully extended. Do this 20 times and rest your muscles. Once you do this regularly, you will notice that your cheeks are getting in shape.

4. Generating vowels with the greatest pressure is another great way to achieve the perfect jaw line. Apply pressure to each A, E, I, O and U. Continue 30 times and rest your mouth.

5. Neck curl-ups are fantastic for shaping the entire jaw. Lie down on a flat surface and lift your chin towards your chest by lifting your head. Do not move any other part of your body. Now put your head back as if you were seeing what's behind you. Go ahead 10 more times and make it a regular exercise.

6. If you have never heard of face yoga, you will surely live under a rock. To get rid of sagging cheeks, turn your jaw sideways as if your teeth were pulled to the other side of your mouth. It's like kissing sideways. Press and hold this button for 10 seconds and continue. This is a great facial yoga exercise to get rid of plump or sagging skin around your cheeks.

7. The circulation movement may just be a warm up exercise. However, if you hold down each revolution for 10 seconds, you can perfect your entire face. Make sure you form side by side, top and bottom and a full circle 20 times in a row. It not only warms the jaw, but also helps keep your double chin at bay.

8. The frown is one of my favorites. Apply pressure to your neck and frown. You feel a lift in your chest and your muscles pull on your neck. This exercise actually works if you do it daily! At least it worked out pretty well for me.

9. Do you want your cheeks to look like they were sculpted by an artist? Make your best fish face or pout as hard as possible by strengthening your cheekbones.

10. Lie on the floor and put your interlocking palms under your chin. Make sure you are lying on your stomach. Now use your palms to support your chin and lift it up. Keep your body calm and raise your face with your hands. Go back and forth 20 counts. Note: when applying creams, do so in an upward motion. Don't pull on your skin. Also, stop bending over and reading on your phone. Get a perfect jaw with some of these exercises. Throwing the double chin can be difficult, but if you try it will work.

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