My Mother Wore These 9 Developments within the ’80s, and Now I Do Too

My Mom Wore These 9 Trends in the '80s, and Now I Do Too

My mother and her friend wear Laura Ashley dresses at a 1984 wedding.

Not too long ago, Urban Outfitters met legendary Laura Ashley from the 80s. I'm honest, it wasn't until I showed the pieces to my mother and aunt that I realized how iconic the brand was – especially my mother and her stylish group of friends. My mother immediately showed me the photo above of her and one of her best friends in Laura Ashley dresses for a wedding in 1984. How did I react? By checking Laura Ashley on Etsy and of course ordering one.

The F / W 18 airstrips have proven that the 80s are back, and when the return of the decade roughly matches that of the 90s of last year, the revival of trends from that time is just beginning to gain steam. While the runways are definitely a place to be inspired by in the future, when it came to the 80s fashion trend, I decided to return to the queen of fashion during my time – my mother. She and my aunt were called "the Vogue Sisters" in high school, so I guess I have to give them some credit.

My mother and aunt with matching perms and wild overalls.

I asked my mother to list all of the 80s trends that she thought I still like today. Some of the styles that made her list were quickly cut out of mine, including sweatbands, colored plastic beads, and some others that I would prefer not to mention. But for the rest of their choices, I would say that they are pretty much right. Shop in advance nine of the 80s fashion trends that my mother was wearing back then – those that are kind of cool in 2019.

"Shoulder pads and box-shaped shoulders were generally staples of the 80s, and I totally agreed with that. The structure they gave a shirt or blazer was the look you had to have. I think they're oddly flattering to make you your shoulders wider than your hips, which is never a bad thing. If you threw a shoulder padded blazer over a dress or bottom, you knew you were good to walk. "

Here are my mother and aunt in their overalls and oversized belts.

"Overalls were my favorites in the 80s. They made it so easy to put on and I always felt so fashionable when I wore them. I loved how big they made me look. Those with big shoulder pads were even more flattering."

"When I started working in the 80s, wearing suits and pumps was a matter of course. To make the stiff look more fashionable, there was a trend to fit from head to toe, including your shoe color. I need a low heel had pumps of every color. Neutral ones weren't a thing. And of course the pumps matched the hose that matched the suit and so on. "

Okay, that's not a prairie dress, but it's a photo that needs to be seen.

"Another trend that I really loved. We wore these 80s dresses when we dressed up for a special occasion. They were feminine, pretty, and flattering. They also made your waist look small."

"The colored and patterned tube really made an outfit look ready. If you took the time to match the color of your tube perfectly to your outfit or to wear a tube with tiny dots that matches the print in your dress, you have managed."

"So hair ties were the other 80s accessory you could match your outfit with. I had them in every color because you had to. We needed them to put our big perm hair in a thick ponytail. We'd wear them too our wrists for spontaneous hairstyle changes, and we were able to do that because of course they matched our outfit. "

"We all wore pleated, high-waisted, acid-washed jeans in the 80s. This trend still amazes me. It wasn't flattering, but I think it proves that we have stayed true to the trends. However, the large pockets were an advantage . ""

"The key to a stylish denim jacket in the '80s was the wash and shape. If it wasn't an acid or light wash with a large Dolman sleeve and covered butt, it wouldn't impress anyone."

This is my mom and dad wearing acid wash denim. I'm not entirely sure I'm ready for it to come back.

"Every article in the 80s was designed to make a big statement. That's why I wore huge glasses. Everything, including accessories, had to be big or would drown from the size of our big perm hair."

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