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tinted moisturizer axis

On the surface, tinted moisturizers don't sound too confusing. What it does is in the name, but the name is vague and that is the problem. There are as many types of tinted moisturizers as there are, oh I don't know, hats? Hats, sun hats, fashion hats, functional hats. Tinted, sunscreen moisturizers, those that really cover, those that focus on moisturizers, those that fit your specific definition of "clean." A real smorgasbord to choose from – don't you want to find what you really want?

There are many ways to rate tinted moisturizers, but basically they're all somewhere on an axis of the deck covering. When it comes to reporting, they will never be completely opaque (that's the basic area), but some are more opaque than others. For example: The difference in opacity between the CC cream from It Cosmetics and the super serum from Ilia is dramatic! Imagine buying one and expecting the other – it's a recipe for disappointment.

The other axis is finished. A little moisture to put the moisturizer in tinted moisturizer is a matter of course. But some dry out more silky or to a skin finish, while others are accompanied by moisture overload. Let's use Laura Mercier's tinted moisturizer as our true neutrality – the classic has sufficient coverage and a not entirely damp or matt, always natural finish. Lancôme's skin feels good, has a little more coverage, but is pretty close otherwise.

In the first quadrant of the target coverage axis you get almost complete, not so wet formulations. The Ordinary's Serum Foundation feels very light (it is literally fluid) but actually covers most. You can dilute a pump in your daily moisturizer to modulate the cover and convert it to a more lotion-like consistency. For an option with a sun protection factor, the CC cream from It Cosmetics comes thick from the tube, covers like oil paint and dries out without a lot of shine.

The tinted oil from Kosas falls to the border of the second quadrant. Although the name contains "oil", the finish is not particularly shiny and has decent coverage. (In fact, there is some popular feedback that it pulls in dry places. This may not be the best option if you identify yourself as a clay plate.)

Quadrant three has the super moist options: Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint and Ilias new Super Serum Skin Tint, both of which have liquid consistencies, feel fairly oily and offer a small but not much skin tone. Ilia has SPF if you like that! Bareminerals & # 39; Complexion Rescue is the formulation closest to the actual moisturizer (according to this beauty editor), but offers more protection than the previous two – and is also supplied with a sun protection factor.

In the last quadrant, you'll find Jan-Michael Vincent Gee Beauty's Prime Skin, which contains a little more dew than Nars & # 39; Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer and a little less coverage. Thrive Causemetics & # 39; Buildable Blur CC Cream best covers blemishes and allows you to keep your rope. Colourpops Pretty Fresh is a great replacement for your budget if you want to do without the sun protection factor.

Of course there are many other tinted moisturizers, but this table is a pretty good reference. If you have a preferred tinted moisturizer that is not included in this table, please add the approximate coordinates in the comments. I like hanging out somewhere (3, -6), how about you?

– Ali Oshinsky

Photo via ITG


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