Hailey Bieber Vogue Spain March 2020

Vogue España March 2020: Hailey Bieber by Emma Summerton

The industry continues to greet Hailey Bieber and it has to sell magazines like hot cakes as we've seen American beauty on the front pages of Vogue Australia and Vogue Hong Kong in recent months. At the moment she is even facing the latest edition of American ELLE. In a train that doesn't surprise anyone, Hailey just appeared at another international edition of Vogue. For March 2020, the model makes her debut in Vogue Spain and wears a look from the Marc Jacobs & # 39; Spring 2020 collection that Patrick Mackie selected for the 1970s-inspired cover shot, photographed by Emma Summerton.


Hailey collects the following on our forums. "It's hard not to like her when she looks so beautiful in her last work. In my eyes, she'll always be a celebrity topic and not a real model, but this is another beautiful Hailey cover – Vogue Australia, Vogue Hong Kong, ELLE and now Vogue Spain. She's on a roll! Eat your heart, Kendull, "enthused Aracic.

“Really beautiful and the Marc Jacobs collection photographed like a dream. I'm glad it's everywhere, ”added dodencebt.

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"Oh ok! This is definitely her best cover and the best I've ever seen on a cover," said a pleasantly surprised Miss Dalloway.

"This is definitely their best cover so far," Benn98 agreed.

Jorgepalomo was in the same mood: "I don't like her, but it's a beautiful cover."

"Certainly one of her best print jobs!" Xone expressed.

"Beautiful cover!" shared handbag queen.

Do you agree? Check out some previews of Hailey's accompanying cover feature and share your thoughts here.


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