Zendaya Vogue Australia March 2020

Vogue Australia March 2020: Zendaya by Daniel Jackson

We are always happy to see Zendaya, but some of our favorite fashion glossies have never really been able to do justice to the Euphoria star. Not even Allure, InStyle, or Vogue did it right (but Marie Claire and ELLE did it). Now Zendaya is taking cover of Vogue Australia and making her debut in the Australian fashion bible for March 2020. Zendaya poses in front of Daniel Jackson's lens with Christine Centenera about styling tasks and wears a look from Gucci's Spring 2020 collection for the cover- shot.


Zendaya's latest version has split our forums. "You made her dirty. You managed to make her look like she was in a brothel. It doesn't even look like my Zendaya. It seems like Vogue Australia's mission is to slaughter every beautiful cover star they have, ”cried MON.

"Terrible. And usually Daniel Jackson is pretty reliable. What happened here?" asked Mike.

"Terrible reception of her, terrible styling, and terrible direction," said Miss Dalloway.

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Benn98 was in the same mood: “Looks dirty and dirty and not sexy. Jackson is excellent only in the studio. "

"I never thought Daniel Jackson made this just because it's so hard and untypical for Jackson's usual work. The cover picture is hideous, I hate Christine Centenera's styling, the set, the mood, and this profoundly unattractive typeface." , complained vogue28.

The murder of forum members could no longer have contradicted. "I love it. After last month's pedestrian cover, I was expecting something similar in March, but THANKS GOD, they finally produced images that Marie Claire's pages didn't, in favor of something more fashionable."

"I think the cover is refreshing! The green makes you nostalgic about the (now) 2000s, ”Srdjan said.

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