Belief Me, Purchase This: Haircare Version

Trust Me, Buy This: Haircare Edition

Trust me – buy this is a monthly series in which our market editor Nicole Eshaghpour makes her favorite real-world fashions available for Who What Wear readers.

I want to anticipate this story by informing every reader that I am not a beauty editor. In fact, I'm possibly the most distant. As someone who has had a deep love of fashion all my life, I never really had the time to pay so much attention to makeup, skin care, or anything else that falls under the general umbrella of beauty. If I did that, I would never come out of the internet or out of the house in the morning! However, I have a few things ahead of me when it comes to the category:

1. I am lazy, which means I often look for simple yet effective products and practices.

2. I have worked with beauty editors for the past five years and made myself collect a lot of tricks here and there. AKA I followed her with questions.

3. I am Persian, which makes me a hair expert by default, as I had to maintain my own mane for as long as I could hold a brush. Thank you mother.

With all of this in mind, I managed to get through and actually get a handful of compliments and questions about my various routines when I post my favorite fashion finds on @trustmebuythis. As you have probably suspected, these questions mostly concern hair. So today is the day I finally share what I know and a little bit about what I don't know – but first a few final notes …

I am often asked how I keep my hair healthy. I honestly think a lot of this has to do with genetics, but one thing I avoid is using an iron (especially at the ends) because of the damage and dryness it can cause. I have curly hair, of course, and I do my hair at least twice a week, but only with a hair dryer and curling irons – never with an iron. If I get a blowout, which I do regularly, I ask them to do the same and only use an iron when they really can't get part of the roots (usually the baby hair).

You will also find that there is nothing about shampoo or conditioner in this article. That's because I'm fairly low-maintenance and I don't stick to a particular brand or product. It is a kind of revolving door made of samples and drugstores, so it is no use following my advice there. Scroll down for the tools and products that I highly recommend.

I decided to spare you a photo of my hair covered brushes. The first thing I use when preparing to wash and style my hair is a Conair paddle brush just before I take a shower (when my hair is still dry). I find it easier to unravel this way, and makes brushing after showering a lot less. Later, when blow-drying, I only use a round brush because I was told that you could otherwise damage your hair. It is also important to achieve volume and shine if you ask me.

On my hair dryer – yes, it's pink, but the color is optional. Since I have thicker hair that is naturally curly, I need a strong hair dryer to make it easier for me. I have been using this from T3 for several months after I retired my (very) old one and it served me pretty well. I blow dry my hair in sections from bottom to top until everything is smooth.

Next up: wands. I have two different curling irons that I use to wave my hair. Why wands and why two? I'll explain it … First, I use wands instead of traditional curling irons because they are easier to use and don't stick to your hair like a curler. The left one is GHD and it gets very hot, creating a very tight, long-lasting curl. I use it after blow drying to get tight curls that I brush out with my fingers. Since my hair is thick and long, I have to start with tight curls if I want it to last a few days. The second wand (from Bed Head) has a larger barrel and is made of ceramic. It also creates nice waves, but it's not that strong, so I use it when I need to touch up a portion or want my hair to look softer. If you have thinner or lighter hair, you can probably get a tighter curl with the bed head.

Seen below:

Seen below:

I don't usually use a hold spray in my hair unless it's very damp or I'm traveling. Still, I found that in both situations, these are the top two. On the left is a traditional hairspray – but much lighter. It does the job without giving you crispy hair. The other is an anti-moisture spray that prevents my hair from curling or frizzy when summer comes in NYC or when I'm on a tropical vacation. It leaves almost no feeling or texture on your hair even after application.

Every now and then – usually in winter – my scalp gets a little dry and this treatment saves me. At first I was afraid to use it because you apply it to clean hair and then style it as usual (instead of washing it out), but it doesn't leave any residue and doesn't make your hair greasy or greasy. Only one or two uses always leads to immediate results.

I have heard countless times from both beauty editors and stylists that it is important to use heat protection on your ends before blow drying your hair to avoid damage. At some point I listened and it definitely makes a difference – especially for someone like me who does it so often. I love this one from Oribe because it's very light.

After all, these are my two dry shampoos. I love the living proof when my hair needs a cleaner look but also more volume – it works wonders for that. The Oscar Blandi (now available in spray form) is a little lighter. It is ideal as a normal dry shampoo if you do not need an increase in volume.

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